our janitorial supplies and equipment

Our Janitorial service customers can have a peace of mind knowing that we’ll provide all of the non-consumable cleaning supplies and equipment at the job site on a daily basis. The employee on duty and cleaning inspection supervisor will take responsibility by making sure that all of the cleaning supplies are stocked up and the equipment is in good working condition. This will ensure that all of the cleaning tasks at hand will receive the highest standard of workmanship in the Janitorial and cleaning service industry.

All consumable cleaning supplies like toilet paper, paper towels, hand soap, hand sanitizer, trash bags and urinal blocks will be the responsibility of the customer. The Janitor or cleaning supervisor may be responsible for consistently checking the supply room stock and submitting necessary order form information to the maintenance management as needed.

Please contact us with any questions in regards to the cleaning supplies or equipment that we use or any additional preferences that you may have for your building or place of business.

Day porter service

​At Joe’s Express Cleaning LLC we know that not every cleaning service can be done after regular hours of operation or even overnight, which is why we offer day porter services to companies and facilities with a large number of employees that need cleaning services to be provided to them during the day. Our cleaning company recognizes the challenges of our cleaning employees working directly with the facilities’ staff and public compared to just working alone overnight.

We are fully aware of the importance of maintaining a high standard of professionalism when working directly with people while performing the daily cleaning tasks. In order to achieve a high level of professionalism in the workplace we make sure that all of our employees possess great customer service skills and are provided with properly fitted uniforms, name badges, daily cleaning plans and emergency contact information. We believe that with these qualities we will be able to provide our customers with exceptional cleaning services in the Cleveland area day after day.

Our Day Porter Service employees have many important responsibilities throughout the course of a daily cleaning shift. Some of the daily cleaning requirements include the following:

  • ​Cleaning and maintaining high traffic areas
  • Cleaning bathrooms, kitchens, lunchrooms, offices and conference rooms
  • ​Refilling and ordering consumable supplies as needed
  • ​Removing and disposing of all trash in the facility
  • Following of daily scheduled cleaning plans
  • ​Communicating any issues or concerns to maintenance manager

Janitorial Cleaning Services Cleveland OH

Whether you run a small restaurant or a large office building, we are able to create a cleaning plan to meet your specific needs. We understand that certain cleaning requirements and schedules can vary across the multitude of industries, which is why we customize our cleaning plans so that we are able to continually provide the highest quality of Janitorial services at every facility or place of business in the Greater Cleveland area.

Janitorial cleaning tasks
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janitorial service schedule

​At Joe’s Express Cleaning LLC we provide both Daily and Nightly Janitorial services with customizable cleaning schedules to best serve our customer base. Our company knows that many of our customers work on different time schedules and have varying preferences as to when they would like all of the commercial cleaning services to be completed.

In order to meet the specific needs of all of our clients across many cleaning industries, we have remained flexible with our service schedules by providing multiple options to all of our Janitorial Service clients. Some of the options that we currently provide include:

  • ​Daily Janitorial service schedule (Generally 9AM-5PM)
  • ​After standard business hours (5PM-10PM)
  • Nightly Janitorial service schedule (Usually from 10PM-7AM)
  • Weekend cleaning schedule
  • ​Other customized cleaning schedule​​