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​Once the cleaning is complete it may be a smart decision to apply our upholstery protectant to your furniture so that it can help resist and fight stains in the future. The protectant will act like a shield on your furniture, not allowing many stains and spills to seep into the fabric. This will give you a window of opportunity to clean up the mess before it does any damage to the area and needs to be restored once again. Applying the upholstery protectant is a smart investment for offices and facilities with many employees or visitors accessing the building and using its furniture. Contact us for more information on having your furniture treated with our furniture protectant.

Upholstery Cleaning Service Cleveland OH

Replacing your dirty office furniture or cubicles can become a very costly task. Not only are furniture and cubicles expensive to buy, but replacing them is also a very time consuming task that not many of us want to have to go through. Having stains and blemishes on office chairs, couches or cubicles can make any office or facility look unprofessional to visitors. That is where our upholstery cleaning service comes in hand. We at Joe’s Express Cleaning are ready to help you restore your company’s furniture to like new condition and extend its life for a very long time. We are able to remove many dirty spots, stains and even smells from most office furniture that can be caused by spills, dirt buildup and dust.

our cleaning process

​At Joe’s Express Cleaning we understand that some furniture is very delicate and needs special care when being cleaned. That is why we begin our cleaning process by doing an area inspection to make sure that everything will flow smoothly and the furniture is able to be serviced. Our company uses the hot water extraction method for removing stains, dirt, grease and other soils from your furniture. This powerful cleaning method will remove most stains from the fabric and kill any bad smells the furniture may have been releasing into the air. Once the cleaning is complete it will usually take a couple of hours to dry, though in some cases it may take up to a whole day depending on the type of furniture and fabric in question. When the process is complete your office furniture will both look and smell great, bringing new life into your facility.