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Types of commercial tile and grout cleaning services

  • General tile and grout cleaning service

This is a standard tile and grout cleaning service that helps remove unevenly colored grout lines and tile dirt that is in fair condition.

  • Restorative tile and grout cleaning service

Our restorative tile and grout cleaning service deals with the worst cases of dirty tile and grout that may have added up from years of improper cleaning products, spills, foot traffic or other types of accidents.

  • Tile and grout maintenance program

The tile and grout maintenance program helps to keep your tiled floors looking great all year round. This cleaning program is for floors that are in great shape and need to maintain this standard of cleanliness. The maintenance program includes scheduled yearly cleanings and grout sealing according to the needs of your office or business.

  • Grout sealing service

Our company’s grout sealing service helps to prevent dirt and soil from penetrating into your grout. It’s like an invisible protective layer or shield that sits on top of your grout and gives you adequate time to clean up any spills before they are able to make their way into your grout lines. This service is recommended for all customers.

  • Epoxy color sealer

In some extreme cases the stains and discoloration cannot be completely removed from your grout lines. In this case, we recommend applying the grout color sealer to your grout lines. This process is almost like painting your grout lines but is specifically designed to help fight against future dirt and spills from staining your tile and grout.  The color sealer is available in many different types of colors to go along with your beautiful tile floors.

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Tile and Grout Cleaning Services Cleveland OH

Clean tile and grout in your office or place of business looks beautiful and really makes your tiled rooms sparkle to employees or visitors. Once dirty mop water, spills, soils or bacteria penetrate into the grout, it makes the whole tile floor look dirty and destroys the elegance of the tile. The tile and grout work together to bring out the beauty of your ceramic, porcelain or quarry tile. If the grout lines are stained, discolored or emitting an odor it could cause the whole floor to lose its appeal and attractiveness. Our tile and grout cleaning service will help to restore your tile and grout lines to like new condition.

Grout lines are very porous and can easily attract dirt and grime from standard cleaning procedures such as regular mopping. Once the dirt gets deep into the grout, it’s very difficult to remove and clean up. At Joe’s Express Cleaning our powerful cleaning equipment and procedures will help pull the dirt and debris from the grout lines and bring life back into your floor. Once the tile and grout cleaning is done, you can protect your cleaning investment by sealing the grout lines and protecting your floors from further damage in the future.

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